Bright Bakery is a privately owned company located on the beautiful island of Aruba.

It was founded in February 1949 by Harry Bareño. The first bakers were Ishi Hernandez, Merco Bareño and Harry Bareño himself.

At this time bread was delivered house to house by truck, by Harry Bareño accompanied by his helper, Sildo Croes. The bakery quickly gained popularity, the workload grew and two new delivery trucks were bought, driven by Eli Everon and Techi Winterdaal.

When Harry Bareno retired in 1985; his son Franklyn Bareño, who practically grew up in the bakery, took over the company and became its sole owner and president. Under his keen guidance and watchful eye, the bakery developed not only into the largest and most modern bakery on the island of Aruba, but also the only bakery with a fully automated bread baking process. Aside from our full service shop in Piedra Plat, providing daily freshly baked bread, cakes, pastry goods, and more; Bright Bakery delivers to most supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, fast food restaurants, and has enjoyed regular exporting activities to neighboring islands.

Bright Bakery’s products are made of the highest quality raw materials, having enjoyed fruitful partnerships with well known suppliers across the globe for years.

As Bright Bakery continues to grow, we strive to maintain the following principles:

  • To provide a pleasant work environment for our employees by promoting teamwork and mutual respect.
  • To give back to the Aruban community through community service, sports, education, cultural and environmental activities; and individual needs of our people.
  • To maintain customer satisfaction and promote loyalty through service, product quality and variety.

The quality of YOUR bread is OUR priority!