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The history of Bright Bakery begins in 1949, when a man named Harry Bareño hired two bakers and a helper. What modestly began as a three-man operation, delivering freshly baked bread to customers’ doorsteps, began to grow in popularity. One taste and they knew they loved it! There quickly came a time where Harry needed to expand his team to meet with the growing demand of all of these new customers.

Several years later Mr. Bareño’s son, Franklyn, was born. He grew up learning everything there was to know about baking the signature Bright Bakery bread. In 1985, Mr. Harry Bareño retired, faithfully leaving his son, Mr. Franklyn Bareño as the sole owner and president of Bright Bakery. Franklyn saw this as a wonderful opportunity to grow the company, which is just what he did! Under his guidance, the Bright Bakery name soared to wonderful new heights. Embracing the essence of the knowledge of baking bread entrusted to him by his father, he built the largest automated baking facility on the island capable of producing plenty of the fantastic bread for all of the customers to enjoy. This change also gave the bakery the chance to incorporate a larger variety of baked goods, which we continue to offer at our bakery shop in Piedra Plat to this day. It is thanks to his innovations and the support of his wife, that we are now able to supply our baked goods to most of the stores on the island, as well as many famous hotels and restaurants.

Today, fostering innovations and newer services are his two daughters. While carrying over the time-honored traditions of the Bareño family, they are hard at work expanding the bakery’s list of services as well as upgrading many parts of the shop, which now already includes a snug café area. Bright bakery now caters snacks to local events around the island. They have also greatly improved their ability to make fancy custom cakes with a skillful team of gifted pastry chefs.

We truly consider Bright Bakery to be blessed for always having attracted some of the most dedicated and hard-working people to join our workforce. For these people, to whom we owe a great deal of our gratitude, who have always kept our core values at heart over the past years and continue to show an authentic sense of passion for what they do, thank you. It is a privilege to work side by side with professionals such as you, and an honor to have you as part of the Bright Bakery family.

To our faithful customers that have come to know, trust and grow with our humble brand for over the better part of a century, the Bright Bakery family also wishes to thank you. It is with sincerity and gratitude do we thank you for your faithful support for our bright, Bright Bakery.

Franklyn Bareño

Franklyn Bareño


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Sulaika Bareño


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Sulienne Bareño


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Our Services

Made by seriously talented hands, here you will find the right cake to fit any occasion. We have from cheerful birthday cakes to exquisite wedding cakes and anywhere in between for any bright occasion.
Start your morning relaxed and delightful at our store in Piedra Plat. Enjoy the fresh smell and taste of our various breads, pastries, hot and cold beverages and more. Breakfast is royal with Bright Bakery.
Show your guests how much you appreciate them with one of our divine snack-plates, customized for any occasion. There is a diversity in snacks including classic Aruban snacks as well as modern ones.
Let us be in-charge of your holiday arrangement. Whether it be Christmas, Carnival, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and so on, we are fully prepared ahead. Feel the ambience by our products.
Make your day brighter by renting a private room at our main location. The room can be reserved and dressed for high profile meetings but also for tea-time with friends. Free Wi-Fi makes it complete.
Choose us, sit back and we deliver your order. The exceptional best service to please you. Besides at-your-door service, we have a convenient client friendly window take -out especially if you are rushing.

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